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  • Namrata Shakya : The Secret of Success!

    All people want to be successful but only a few can have the taste of it. They know the secret of success. Success comes by hard work and perseverance. A lazy person cannot succeed. If you do not work hard, don’t expect of good results.

    If you want to succeed, you must know the value of time. Punctuality and economy of time lead to the success and happiness. Life is too short and there is so much to be done.  One become successful if only one knows how to make the best use of time.

    To be successful, it is necessary to know our aim. We must select wisely a career or a profession. Choosing the right path is very important. Changing of the roads again and again will lead us nowhere.

    Be steady in your purpose and do one thing at a time. Do not run after many things. Concentrate on your aim and use all your energy. So, this is a great secret of success.

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