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What our Guardians and Students think of us

  • Bhawani Thapa , a smc member at Future Star school.

    We are human beings. We want to see our children good and great. Our desire is really precious. All parents and guardians have same wish and hope towards their children.

     There is my Bhanji in grade IX studying in this school. She is trying in full phase for the betterment. I am so impressed that she is getting better than before. Her devotion and dedication towards the study are appreciable.  I found the clue of this situation that Principal Manoj sir and all teachers are cooperative. They behave to all students like their own children and friends.

    In fact my two kids also studied here before 3 years. They are in higher levels now. My son Aayush Khadka is ready to go to abroad for Medical science study.  My lovely daughter is studying fine arts.

    I am so happy with Future Star School. I really would like to pay my gratitude to all the members a

    Bhawani Thapa

  • Future star is a very good school and i urge every guardian to make their student a part of this school for better future.

    Mr Amir Malakar

  • Discipline

    Wherever we live or whenever we go, we have to follow certain rules and regulations, which can be symbol of civilization of any individual.

    Discipline is attained from childhood. As all we know that the first school of discipline is home, we can be impressed by the activities shown at home, behaved in fron of children. Therefore the family members should be careful to creat a well cultured civilization within a kid. The same kid will be good student at school who can improve his or her sense in positive way to be a sovour citizen in the society and the perfect leader of the nation in the future. Therefore discipline is the main key of success of each and every individual. 

    Samiksha Shrestha

  • School is moulding key of children in their early childhood. As there is the attractive motto of school "Education leads us to our destination" Future star serves as one of the best educational institution in the Kathmandu Valley. It is leading to students towards their future to attempt their dreams.

    Many people said this school after The massive April 25th Earth quake could not rise again but in contrary to this underestimation , it showed the great job to the people, guardians and all well wishers.

    The management team is so patience , devoted and courageous,  so the team could complete the building in new place with exact size of DOE norms. Hence forth the school is good enough to build the right students as parent's will. The team work really god to students in cooperation with teachers and parents.

    I have strong faith with this school that this can do things differently for the benefits of students n society.

    So I appea

    Iswari Shrestha

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